Fun for the whole family

From shopping, to snowmobiling, from ice-skating to exciting snowshoeing on the snow, to the amusing Fantaski, Adamello is an explosion of initiatives to experience the winter mountains in a thousand different ways.


The Ponte di Legno pedestrian centre offers a truly beautiful space and atmosphere, with shopping, restaurants and historical monuments to visit. From our hotel, guests can easily and comfortably reach the village on foot. Alternatively, our guests can also rent bikes and take advantage of the bike path that connects the resort with the Vezza d’Oglio municipality and that passes 10 metres from the hotel. A great opportunity to spend some time enjoying a bit of shopping browsing through typical craft shops, visiting the old town and then getting back in the saddle to continue your outing. Just outside the village, there are beautiful landscapes and churches to admire, such as the Church of St. Apollonia, which boasts rather ancient origins.


It is beautiful to experience the thrill of driving a snowmobile on a snowy white winter mantle, to feel a sense of freedom and to discover one of the most beautiful regions of the Alps. The Adamello Ski area allows visitors to enjoy snowmobiling during the afternoon as well as in the evenings, perhaps making a stop in one of the many alpine shelters scattered along the slopes and tasting typical local dishes. We also organise Snowmobiling Excursions accompanied by guides to the Tonale Pass, following the closure of the ski lifts (from approximately 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM), on the edge of the ski runs, for reaching the offpiste.

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TONE MOTORS has 10 to 12 snowmobiles available for rent, recent models all in excellent condition (approved for 2 people), with brands such as POLARIS and SKI-DOO, offering 550/600 engine models with heated grips and accelerator and certified helmets with visors (recommend, but not required). Drivers must be at least 18 years of age and in possession of a type A or B drivers license. As outlined below, we offer 2 types of excursions with corresponding prices for any period of the season.

Standard excursion

€ 100
Snowmobile for 1 or 2 People
Standard (departure from our hotel, Faita, Sleddog, Fire Department, Valbiolo and return journey) Duration approximately 1 hour

Excursion + dinner

€ 145
1 snowmobile + 1 people dinner
Departure at about 19.30, excursion of about 1 hour (same tour to the Standard), stop for dinner on the ski slopes

Excursion + dinner

€ 180
1 snowmobile + 2 people dinner
Departure at about 19.30, excursion of about 1 hour (same tour to the Standard), stop for dinner on the ski slopes

Excursion + dinner

€ 40
Passenger with our guides
Departure at about 19.30, excursion of about 1 hour (same tour to the Standard), stop for dinner on the ski slopes

“SUPERPISTA” Tecnical Circuit

€ 23
10 min tests
We offer also: “Tonale Pass SUPERPISTA” a Technical Circuit on Tonale Pass – for each level with 550 cc snowmobile.

“SUPERPISTA” Tecnical Circuit

€ 28
10 min tests
We offer also: “Tonale Pass SUPERPISTA” a Technical Circuit on Tonale Pass – for each level with RACE 800 cc snowmobile.


If you’re not a fan of skiing but enjoy spending time in the mountains during the winter, you can indulge in some snowshoeing and explore this fantastic mountain. Snowshoes have been used by inhabitants of the Arctic area since ancient times, allowing them to move around on deep snow, present for many months in those regions, equipment that in fact is extremely simple and lightweight.
There is no need for particular skills – it is enough to love physical activity and to allow yourself to be carried away by curiosity and by the desire for new discoveries. Snowshoeing excursions offer a wonderful and simple activity that opens the door for fantastic explorations of the snow covered mountain. Moving around on snowshoes does not require the acquisition of difficult techniques, nor particular physical qualities.

Snowshoeing excursions

The Adamello Ski area offers various options: From Ponte di Legno, to the Tonale Pass, until Vezza d’Oglio. Our alpine guides organise excursions during the day as well as in the evenings. Please contact us for additional information! One of the most popular events of the Adamello Ski area is dedicated to snowshoeing: the “Moonlight Caspolada” held in Vezza d’Oglio. The enchanting scenery of the Upper Camonica Valley at night, while advancing on snowshoes across a moonlit path, makes this sporting event a moment of unforgettable charm.


Ice skating

Would you like to spend an afternoon enjoying something different in the company of friends or family? An ice-skating rink is available in Ponte di Legno, located near the departure point of the cable car to the Tonale Pass and just 50 meters from our hotel.

Night sledding

Snow can hold big surprises, even at night! All you need is some enthusiasm and a lot of curiosity. For you and your friends, we suggest typical dinners in alpine lodges, with descent by bob-sleigh on the enchanting pista Pegrà, nestled in the forests and leading directly to our hotel. Departure from the ski-lift facilities located behind our hotel. Please contact us for additional details; we are at your immediate disposal!

Dog sledding

In the Adamello Ski area, visitors will have the opportunity to take on the challenge of dog sledding and becoming a “musher” for a day at the Italian Sleddog Progres School in Ponte di Legno – Tonale. The school, operated by Armen Khatchikian, offers dog sledding excursions on sleds pulled by Siberian huskies.

The Italian Sleddog Progres School
The thrill of sliding lightly on a seemingly fragile sled, in reality extraordinarily resistant, the sensation of participating in an ecological activity and the relationship with these beautiful animals are all elements that make dog sledding an unforgettable experience.

The Italian Sleddog Progres School

Children ten years of age and older will also have the opportunity to indulge in this sport, an activity that can teach them many things about animals, about nature and about the relationship between man and wilderness.
During the summer the Italian Sleddog Progres School offers Husky-trekking excursions, in other words walks and treks in the company of these wonderful husky dogs, who after a winter of training are ready to accompany adults and children on new adventures, between the Upper Camonica Valley and the Upper Sole Valley.



Visitors wishing to introduce their kids to skiing in a fun and educational manner, and maybe even indulging in a few hours all to themselves while the children are supervised by expert entertainers, can make a stop at the Fantaski playground in the Tonale Pass, facility open all day and easily accessible from the slopes. The Fantaski playground offers a paid play area with inflatable games, tobogganing, baby-snowtubing and much more, as well as a paid mini-club service. In addition, a ski area with two slopes is also available, where children lessons are held, with free access for children accompanied by a ski instructor.


Snowkiting is an innovative mountain sport, fun and accessible to all, but even easier for those who know how to ski or snowboard and already has confidence in piloting the kite. The snowkite in fact is born from the union of kitesurfing with snowboard or ski. It is an adrenaline and exciting activity that has already conquered a large number of sportsmen all over the world. Snowkiting allows you to surf the snow, is a personal lift and makes independent and independent from the ski lifts. The kite in fact generates a traction that allows the practitioners to climb the slopes and transform the exhausting wait to the lifts in a fun. What do you need to practice snowkiting? the wind, a kite, ski or snowboard technical clothing and a passion for the mountains!

Other Information

Those who are already familiar with the management of a kite and a snowbord will take little to feel at ease, those who want to approach this sport, learn the basics of running a kite or perfect the techniques, nothing better than taking lessons. The NIKITE SNOW KITE TEAM, school located on the main Italian spots, is active from November to the end of February, in this regard, makes use of excellent masters recognized by CONI that guarantee safety and reliability. In the years of activity we have obtained immense satisfactions, so much so that the number of members is constantly growing, thus allowing us to place ourselves among the first Snowkite schools in Italy. The Founders of the NIKITE SNOW KITE TEAM school are able to provide complete and personalized didactics in complete safety, to meet the needs of each individual athlete, thanks to the favorable conditions of the commercials frequented and the experience gained on the “field” . Our courses are composed of lessons divided between theory and practice, which guarantee not only maximum fun, but also know a bit ‘of history of this beautiful sport in full respect of the environment and nature.



Even in the snow, at the end of a busy day of skiing, the fun continues! Just drop by one of the many alpine shelters located throughout the Adamello Ski area and enjoy the slopes animated by music, events and happy hour in the company of ski instructors. In short, fun and entertainment for our young and vibrant guests who wish to experience the mountain life, even after the skis have come off. This is the après-ski, in other words the “after skiing” period, which young people dedicate to pure fun and enjoyment. Reaching the slopes and the Tonale Pass and Ponte di Legno alpine shelters from our hotel is easy and convenient, as the ski lifts are located within walking distance.


An indoor swimming pool open year-round is available just in front of our hotel, often used by competitive teams during special training. During the summer, our guests also have free access to the outdoor solarium equipped with comfortable sunbeds. The facility organises and offers group and private swimming lessons for all age groups, courses for pregnant moms and newborns, as well as water gymnastics and hydrobike classes. Changing rooms with secure lockers are also available.

– 25-meter indoor pool that can facilitate 5-lane courses for competitions
– Starting blocks and wall timers
– Depth: from 1.85 meters to 1.25 meters
– Water temperature: 28° C
– Kids pool measuring 8 x 5 meters and perfect for courses
– Depth: 65 cm
– Water temperature: 28° C

Snow Tubing

Excitement and fun in the snow is guaranteed with snow tubing activities in the Tonale Pass, offering a 1 km track in the centre of the Pass, next to the “Squirrel” chairlift. Those who are unfamiliar with this activity, snow tubing is an exciting descent on the snow aboard an inflatable donut-shaped tire. At the end of the course, a conveyor lift brings you back up to the top. Snow tubing is suitable for everyone, from young children to adults who are still children at heart and who still wish to indulge in a bit of fun, perhaps with their own kids.