E-Fat Bike Experience

Hotel Garnì Pegrà offers, in the extraordinary territory of Pontedilegno and its valleys, excursions to the Fat E-Bike with assisted pedaling. The bike has been banned as we do not leave it even in winter! The Fat Bike (electric) is the ideal medium to move smoothly on the snow. Thanks to the assisted pedaling, you can reach incredible altitudes and make beautiful tours for the less trained.

Supported by the guides of Gaviabikeholidays.com and their great experience, we offer a variety of proposals, lasting 2/3 hours a day. Easy hiking with wide and beaten paths with modest altitudes but also challenging ski slopes for the most experienced snowmobile trails. Possibility to organize experiences with Aperitivo or Dinner at Refuge.

Considering that assisted pedaling greatly reduces physical effort and consequently sweating, it is perfectly justifiable to wear heavy and comfortable clothing. Slightly adherent ski trousers so that they do not come in contact with the crowns (tights in cold weather) long-sleeved thermal jacket and ski jacket are the base.

Do not forget the helmet (by bike or ski, it makes no difference) under which you can wear a hammock.  The sunglasses or mask are very useful for repairing wind and cold. A scaldacollo gives the throat a good shelter from the air. The ski gloves (they do not clutter as they prevent proper braking) are more than good (it is possible to bring the subwoofers in case of cold weather).