Pets Hotel

Our hotel in Pontedilegno is Pet Friendly, we love animals, we possess ourselves, and we know how difficult it is to find environments and open situations to our 4-legged friends. We are always welcome and we are pleased to welcome them. Signaling their presence when booking we can arrange one of our comfortable rooms on the first floor, with wood flooring, large terrace and external access. This way you can live in freedom your holiday with your inseparable friends.
In the room there is a pillow and a surprise … crunchy! Here you will also find accessories and services on demand such as bowls for food and drink and all appropriate care for special needs.

For their entertainment also:

– large green spaces in the surrounding area, with a park with perfect fenced area for them to run around and have fun in total freedom and security;
– our Pet Friendly structure accepts small animals;
– you can also apply for specific paid services: dry food, grooming, dog sitter and Veterinarian assistance.

The rooms reserved for our friends are available in limited number.3


large green areas in the surrounding area, with a park with a fenced area perfect for them to run and enjoy in complete freedom and safety

our pet friendly structure accepts small pets

you can also request specific paid services such as: croquettes, grooming, dog sitter and veterinary emergency services.