Skiing & snowboarding

Ponte di Legno was the first tourist resort established in the Alps. Surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of the Alpine arc, visitors have at their disposal challenging slopes and some of the most exciting black runs in the Alps, sure to satisfy the hunger for excitement and adrenaline. Thanks to the rather privileged location, you can count on eight hours of sunshine per day, surrounded by the wonderful nature of the Stelvio National Park.


A 15-minute cable car ride connects Ponte di Legno to the Tonale Pass, which with slopes that are also suitable for beginners and offering open spaces, presents an ideal location for budding skiers and for families looking to get better acquainted with the mountain by choosing one of the most beautiful areas in Italy, perhaps making a stop in one of the many alpine shelters scattered along the slopes, tasting typical local dishes and enjoying the typical mountain atmosphere. The slopes and facilities offered by the Adamello Ski Area Ponte di Legno – Tonale are able to satisfy even the most demanding of sports enthusiasts, with the guarantee of artificial snow.

Skiing and cross-country skiing courses and lessons are organised by ski instructors with whom we have established special agreements. The most popular piste with skiers are undoubtedly the beautiful Alpino and Contrabbandieri runs on the Tonale Pass, while more adventurous ski enthusiasts are sure to appreciate the black Paradiso run descending from the glacier, as well as the Corno d’Aola and the Temù runs which cross through the beautiful forests of Ponte di Legno and Temù. Expert skiers can also take on the challenge of the 11 km run which starts off on the Presena glacier and descends directly to Ponte di Legno without ever stopping, arriving all the way to our hotel. This is, in fact, one of the longest and most scenic runs in Europe.

Snowboarding and freestyle

If, instead, you prefer something a bit more exciting, such as tricks, jumps and thrills on your board, at the Tonale Pass you can enjoy the best snowboarding and freestyle skiing has to offer in two exceptionally structured snowparks: The Serodine Snowpark and the Adamello Freestyle Arena. The Serodine Snowpark, situated near the Serodine ski lift, is an area equipped with 5 sequential terraces offering 9 structures and 3 jumps. For those new to the sport and eager to give it a try, a beginners area is also available. The Adamello Freestyle Arena Snowpark is located next to the Valena four-person chairlift on the Tonale Pass, just 10 minutes away from the Garnì Pegrà hotel.

The AFA Snowpark is composed of two different areas: the upper section offers medium and large kickers and more challenging box lines with expert structures, while the lower section introduces smaller kickers and a series of less challenging boxes and jibbing structures. The lower section of the Snowpark is located next to the easyArena area, dedicated to schools and beginners.

Tube da 6mt. + kicker
Box 3 mt. + kicker
Kinked box 3+3 mt.
Sport Specialist Wall-Ride + Jibbing Tube

Kicker medium e pro about 6 e 12 mt. flat
Gunner box 3 mt. + StraightDown rail 6 mt.
Kicker medium and pro 5 and 10 mt.di flat + SuperBox
Kicker medium and pro 4 and 8 mt.di flat + Rainbow box
Kicker medium and pro 5 and 10 mt.di flat + SuperBox


Freeriding is a sport for free spirits, for those who like to wonder off the beaten path and prefer to discover nature by following their instincts. The lifts serve only to help you reach the top quickly, before leaving the pistes and heading off into a muted white world, composed of powdery snow and imposing silences. A thrilling and increasingly popular sport, yet one that requires special attention: improvisation is forbidden. Freeriding is a sport characterised by all the risks associated with mountain sports. Safety equipment such as TRANSCEIVERS, SHOVELS AND PROBES is essential gear for off-piste skiing. This equipment can save lives in case of avalanches, yet it does not render the skier immune from dangers: you always need your head as well as your feet in the mountains!

appropriate psycho-physical preparation and ski mountaineering training; appropriate equipment and materials (including safety equipment and self-rescue devices such as transceivers, shovels, probes); awareness of avalanche warnings and weather forecasts; good knowledge of the surrounding terrain and of potential dangers (avalanches, crevasses, icy sections, rocky ridges). Alpine guides know the area particularly well and are available to accompany freestyle enthusiasts, as well as to organise off-piste skiing, ski mountaineering and avalanche safety and rescue courses (relying on the use of TRANSCEIVERS, SHOVELS and PROBES). In the Ponte di Legno – Tonale area, which offers some of the most exciting off-piste routes in the Alps, sports enthusiasts can experience the magic of freeriding in complete safety, with the support of one of the following schools: Ponte-Tonale Ski School | Castellaccio Ski School | Ski Emotion Sport Academy | Adamello Alpine Guides group. These schools also organise and offer freeriding courses.


Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is a truly healthy pastime and our offer is truly exceptional! At Ponte di Legno, along the Narcanello river and just across from our hotel, visitors will have access to the Val Sozzine Cross-Country Centre. At the Tonale Pass, visitors will also be able to take advantage of the Monticelli Cross-Country Ski School, offering a 5 km competitive piste, a 3 km intermediate track and 2.5 km tourist itinerary. The School also offers rental facilities. Our cross-country tracks meander through a picturesque landscape of forests and mountains, renowned throughout the Trentino region, as well as serving as the location of various national races.


The crème de la crème of the Ponte di Legno – Tonale Adamello Ski area is the Vermiglio Cross-Country Centre, the ideal place for those who prefer both skis or snowshoes, in search of a tranquil hideaway from the fast pace and stress of everyday life. The recipe for success is simple: unspoilt nature and many kilometres of tracks, the ideal combination for revitalising your body and mind and for staying healthy. Loops characterised by various levels of difficulty will satisfy both beginners and more experienced skiers, facilitating mixed skiing techniques, competitions and ski orienteering.


Ski mountaineering

“Imagine an enormous white cloth unevenly laid upon a table, and its shining skirts hanging over here and there between the dark massive supports…” D.W. Freshfield

Among the most beautiful itineraries, there are certainly two classic yet exceptionally memorable excursions. The famous Pisgana glacier, with its younger brother, the Pisganino. The Pisgana and the Pisganino For those who love ski mountaineering, here are two of the most beautiful routes offered by the Alps, which can be completed in a day starting from our hotel. These are two classic high mountain itineraries, a true must for snowboarders and ski mountaineers who enjoy exhilarating descents: an ascent of only 400 meters compared to a 2000 meter descent!

The itineraries rely on the assistance of alpine guides and can be enjoyed during the January to late spring period. Please contact us for additional information. The alpine guides also offer basic and advanced courses in ski mountaineering, available between December and early May. Please contact us for additional information. We also offer interesting and convenient agreements with the Adamello Alpine Guides group.

The Ski Mountaineering Skipass
The Ski Mountaineering Skipass was introduced specifically for those who wish to enjoy the thrills of off-piste skiing on the slopes of the Pisgana: starting at Ponte di Legno ensures access to the facilities that lead to this fascinating itinerary. Please inquire with our ticket office!


Ice climbing

One of the most thrilling winter sports to enjoy right here, in Ponte di Legno, is ice climbing. We are referring to the Pisgana glacier waterfalls, in the Sozzine Valley, right at the end of the Camonica Valley, at the foot of the glacier with the same name, located in very close vicinity to our Hotel. The climb is challenging enough for experts and considered exceptionally difficult for beginners. It is for this reason that “climbing waterfalls”, as the enthusiasts refer to it, requires a great deal of skill, together with the ability to “read” nature.

Between December and late February the Adamello Alpine Guides group also offers climbing courses on the frozen waterfalls. For additional information please contact us directly at the Garnì Pegrà hotel and we will put you in touch with the guides with whom we collaborate. The silence, the relationship with the ice, unspoiled nature, a landscape that is never quite the same. Those who practice climbing know well that this sport is not for everyone. It is an ongoing challenge, yet once on top, the reward is equally outstanding.

Services offered to skiers

The Adamello Ski area offers the services of three ski schools.
Below, you can find useful information regarding the schools that organise skiing and snowboarding courses, including details on renting equipment.

Ski schools
There are 3 ski schools in the area, overall offering the services of more than 100 professional experts. The Ponte di Legno – Tonale Italian Ski & Snowboard School has offices in various locations throughout the area, including both Ponte di Legno and the Tonale Pass. The courses range from skiing for both adults and children to snowboarding. (Tel: 0364.91301) The second school is the Pontedilegno Ski School, which relies on the services of 25 expert instructors who organise private lessons for adults and children and group ski lessons. In addition, snowboard, freestyle and telemark lessons are also offered. (Tel: 0364.900302). The third school is the Ski Emotion Sport Academy, an amateur sports association based in Ponte di Legno. The school offers year-round fun and an exceptionally high professional level as far as instructors are concerned. (Tel: 0364.901076).

Top ski service
Visitors can rent equipment including the best brands available at two shops located in Ponte di Legno, which are located directly across from our hotel. The shops are managed by true skiing specialists and our guests can take advantage of special agreements and partnerships we have in place.
Pegrà ski guides

The Adamello Ski region allows visitors to indulge in ski mountaineering, cross-country, freeride and telemark courses and tours. From December to May they are your guardian angels, accompanying and guiding visitors on high-altitude tours as well as in lesson and ensuring ski enthusiasts can indulge in pure fun and adrenaline in total safety. The Garnì Pegrà hotel has a special agreement in place with the Adamello Alpine Guides group. We are at your full disposal for any type of information.